We have added the following new finishes (for marbles, limestones & travertines) to the services we offer: Sandblast (Coarse), Sandblast (Fine) & Rustico.

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Sample boards available for those in the trades (such as):

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Fabricators
  • Slab & Tile Distributors / Wholesaler
  • Contractor / Project Manager
Please call us to request a sample board.

For The Love of Stone  Percoco Stone Finishing is a brand new company in a unique market niche. This is a business to business operation which serves local stone suppliers and fabricators by applying new finishes to granite and marble slabs used for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and other commercial applications. We use specialized machinery to achieve our array of unique finishes. As Stone Finishing Specialists we focus only on finishing services. There is no inventory, no cutting, and no delivery of stone slabs involved. Percoco Stone Finishing is the first company in the United States to specialize in stone finishing.

While it is true that natural stone is quite varied with different colors and levels of hardness, the finish applied to the surface of the stone has been historically limited to factory standards; polishing and honing. Percoco Stone Finishing is changing all that. Just in the Denver market alone, the new finish we call "Leather" has become so popular that after only one year of availability, it now constitutes the majority of our work. As the "finished" look of natural stone can often depend on the type of natural stone you are applying the finish to, finishing ultimately expands the variety of look and feel each slab of natural stone. The Finishing Specialists at Percoco Stone Finishing have extensively documented a sequence and description for how each type of material looks and feels with each different finish.

Leathering slabs in Denver started in the fabrication shop of Percoco Marble in 2005. Initially the finish was only available to retail customers of Percoco Marble. As the demand for the leather finish expanded in the Denver market, Percoco Marble started offering the finish to both slab suppliers (i.e. Dal) as well as fabricators. Previously Percoco Marble did a very limited amount of honing and re-polishing for other fabricators.Leathering slabs in Denver started in the fabrication shop of Percoco Marble in 2005.

While demand locally for different finished continued to increase, national awareness of finish was also increasing leading to the possibility of national expansion. As the demand continued to increase it became apparent that additional space was necessary. Both these factors led to the decision to create a new company (Percoco Stone Finishing) just to handle slab finishing and the potential national expansion. In October 2008 Percoco Stone Finishing Center Denver opened it's doors for business and all slab finishing (except for it's own retail customers) has since been moved from Percoco Marble to Percoco Stone Finishing Center Denver.

The Opportunity. What if you could consistently provide a high quality, innovative product that was as beautiful and long lasting as natural stone itself? What if the service you provided was so new that you have very little competition? And what if you had a way to continuously stay ahead of trends in your market?

Since the beginning, the Percoco Stone Finishing has gained attention both locally and nationally for bringing to market new finishes and finishing techniques for natural stone and now engineered stone.